The Process

Complicated shapes are made from multiple pieces. These pieces are bolted together to make the final mould which makes removal of the final part of the mould possible.

The aim is to make the surface of the mould as smooth & glossy as possible. If the surface quality of the mould is like a mirror then the product will match. The extra care taken in making the mould will reap rewards when the final parts are produced later and in the longevity of life in the mould.

Mould release agents (we always recommend Chemlease from MVP as our chosen semi-permanent) or wax should always be applied to moulds before production of any parts.


Members of the MPM Team Working on Fibreglass Moulds


Highly skilled team

Experts in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) production and can assist with design

We can produce moulds for hand-lay, spray-lay, RTM and solid surface

Long lasting mould quality (with vinyl ester surface and quality materials throughout)

More commercially viable than metal tools for shorter production runs

Ability to produce a master mould