27 April 2022

Welcoming Paul Wintersgill to our Director team

Welcoming Paul Wintersgill to our Director team

Introducing Paul Wintersgill, our new Finance Director.

We've recently welcomed a new Director to our team, Paul. With years of experience in accounting, finance and strategic financial planning, Paul has already been an asset to MPM. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about him and what led him to where he is now.

So, Paul, give us a bit of background of your younger life.

"Well I'm a local lad,  I was born, bred and grew up around the Ilkley area and didn't stray too far when I went to university in Hull to study Accounting & Finance."

Accounting and Finance then, what got you into that as a career?

"Since a young age I've actually been really interested in business and everything that comes with running a business. So, when I spoke to my careers advisor at school about my career ambitions they advised me to consider Accounting as a 'stepping stone' into the business world. I think that then led me to my university course choice and ultimately the career path I chose."

That's great! So, in terms of your early career, can you give us a little bit of a background about what that was like and what you did?

"Of course! I think ultimately I knew that my end goal right from the very beginning was to have my own business. However, I knew I needed to get some experience to get to that level so I started out at a firm as an Accountant where I became responsible for some strategic financial planning work at the comparatively young age of 23, a task that was typically undertaken by the firm's partners at the time.

From there I built a large number of business connections due to the sort of work I was doing, interacting with Managing Directors, CEOs and Financial Directors on a regular basis - this led me to develop a better commercial understanding thanks to these relationships.

Then, just after my 28th birthday I was offered a Partnership in the accounting firm, however, due to our values not quite aligning I took the difficult decision to reject the offer which ultimately left me unemployed."

That's a pretty impressive early career. What did you do after leaving the accounting firm you were at?

"I think leaving that firm caused me to have a bit of a lightbulb moment and I figured I had the experience, connections and nouse to start my own Accountancy business. From a standing start I grew the business to over 150 clients and hired 12 staff members to help service them.

After 14 years of running the business, I decided that I was ready to investigate other career opportunities so I sold the business and used my then free time to start volunteering at Ilkley Town AFC. Whilst it was a voluntary role, it became almost a full-time job with me becoming the Commercial Director for the club advising them on finances, offering business training and implementing management processes and business systems.

After a period of around 18 months, I decided it would be time to start up again with a paid role, which led me to going self-employed as a Financial consultant offering advice on a strategic, Financial Director level."

Great! How did you then get involved and take on your new role with MPM?

"Well, I'd been working with MPM for a number of years previous, supporting them with their accounting firstly, then progressing on to supporting them with strategic financial matters, which kickstarted the conversation around the Financial Director role which had opened up at MPM.

I was really drawn to the way Ben & Dylan endeavour to make a difference to the lives of the team and clients. They're so much more than manufacturing and I love that."

Quite a comprehensive CV there! Aside from the day job then, what makes you tick outside of work?

"I've been interested in football since a young age and I've always been involved with it in a roundabout way. I play as part of the work 5-a-side team and I also play as part of the Ilkley Town Veterans team - I love this as a way to keep me busy and keep me fit! I've always had it engrained into me that it's important to help other people so I also coach the Under 11's team at Ilkley so that I can pass on my skills and knowledge."

So, Paul, what are your visions and goals for MPM going forward?

"I really envision a huge future for MPM with the company expanding to new products and sectors, continuing extensive research & development and making our goal of creating an 'MPM Training Academy'  become a reality."

Finally then, do you have a mantra you tend to live by?

"Easy - 'Go intelligently, with relentless determination, commitment and integrity.'."