27 July 2020

RTM specialist – Neil Hawkins Joins MPM

RTM specialist – Neil Hawkins Joins MPM

“Sometimes things just happen for a reason. An individual that I used to work with and respected over 20 years ago, made contact from the States and told me that he was looking to return to the UK. His request for a job came out of the blue and I took time to consider this possible new direction.

Specific RTM Knowledge offers many benefits

Whilst I was not looking to employ at this time – his CV really took my attention. He has spent the last few years in the USA, in a company, specialising in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM). Working for a Fortune 500 company as Manufacturing Manager at Fibrelite Products, I felt that his very specific knowledge of RTM would offer lots of benefits to our team here in Leeds.

Neil will come into our team as a project leader, supporting the operations leader and section leaders to look at what we do from a very different perspective. As a specialist, he can offer us an objective view that I am sure will allow us to grow and improve our RTM offering.

We usually promote from within our company, and this strategy will not change. However, the opportunity to get a global view on what we do in a key production area, offers dynamism and an excitement as we take the next steps to continue to look for opportunities in 2021.”
Ben Wilson

“Not only can I bring extensive knowledge and experience of manufacturing composite and non-composite production to the workplace, but I also have a wealth of experience in health & safety, quality control and compliance.
Having worked in the US for 16 years, and with a combined 30 years’ experience across two continents, I feel this gives me the advantage of bringing another set of eyes and a different approach to further help MPM as they strive to achieve their vision for the next stage of growth for the team and the business.”
Neil Hawkins