17 November 2021

RTM Expansion

RTM Expansion

Efficient & Effective Composite Production

Resin Transfer Moulding or Closed Moulding is a cleaner and a more efficient and effective way of producing a composite part. 

Here at MPM we are currently in the process of assessing what more can be done using this method. 

We are able to make more parts in a day using the RTM method and because there is less reliance on an operator, we generally see better process control and improvement in ‘right first time’ production. 

There are many more benefits to customers including:  

  • Parts can be chemically resistant and fire retardant 
  • Created parts are extremely durable and will not corrode - making them more environmentally friendly 
  • More accuracy in the thickness of produced parts 
  • High gloss finishes can be created on both sides 

We are very excited about the growth in this area and look forward to seeing an increase in our RTM production over the coming months.