21 January 2020

A year of living our Vision and Values pays off

A year of living our Vision and Values pays off

Despite our challenging year in 2018 due to the fire and the economic climate being unpredictable, we have still experienced a 20% year on year growth and are delighted with the improvements we have made.

Overall the Health and Safety aspect of the company has improved in leaps and bounds, both on the shop floor and in the offices. With the introduction of ‘Toolbox talks’ we are also ensuring the team are up to date on best practises.

Improved signage throughout the factory and newer tools available have also helped to improve both production and team ‘happiness’. This is one of our key team measures, to ensure happiness across the team and we ended the year on 90% happiness, trust and success.

All of these measures and improvements are vital to our customers. As they order more products, they will be able to see the quality remaining high and the service from our team showing that we never accept second best, working with our customers in partnership, helping them to grow their businesses, as we grow ours.

A real emphasis on sales has opened new doors and opportunities, with a focus on CAD design and supporting customers in improving their products

Overall we have had an excellent year of steady improvements and setting down solid foundations for another year of growth which is forecast for 2020. The team have been awesome as always, and every challenge faced head on. We look forward to a new and exciting year here at MPM.”
Ben Wilson – Business Leader