26 April 2022

MPM Superhero | March

MPM Superhero | March

Introducing our MPM Superheroes | March 2022

Our MPM Superhero for March is Paul.

Paul has been with the team here at MPM now for a number of years, heading up our work on ISO and HR. Paul consistently lives our values, has an abundance of drive & ambition, and works valiantly towards any goal that he sets. He's an inspiration to us all.

Most recently, Paul approached the team asking for support with his diet and exercise to enable him to reach his goal of flying in a spitfire. With his goal in sight, Paul turns up at the office at 06:30am every morning to get on the weights, Wattbike and boxing pads whilst having also turned his diet around from cheesy beans to protein shakes and fruit, Paul's drive and ambition are admirable.

It's our pleasure to announce that Paul, through his hard work and determination achieved his goal of flying in a spitfire, something he thoroughly enjoyed.

Ben Wilson, Managing Director here at MPM said:

"Paul is one of the most generous, supportive, committed and knowledgable people I've ever had the pleasure to know. Truly embodying our values, the grit, determination and ambition that Paul has is second to none. Not to mention, he's like Yoda when it comes to all things ISO and HR. Paul truly deserves every ounce of recognition thrown his way."

Well done, Paul!