20 August 2021

MPM Spark New Relationship With Multi Source Power

MPM Spark New Relationship With Multi Source Power

MPM & MSP work in partnership on Research & Development project

Founded in 2013, Multi Source Power (MSP) has been developing an electrical battery for energy storage.

Named 'Kiosks', the units are able to power a house for a year. Powered by either the Electricity Grid or through green energy solutions such as solar or wind power, they are used across the world, particularly in developing countries such as Africa and South America where 'traditional' power can be sporadic.

Following an initial discussion with Elliott, Business Development Leader, about MPM's Research and Development capabilities, MSP embarked on a new partnership journey with MPM to  develop a casing solution, through design & prototyping to ensure that the battery itself remains at the required temperature in a variety of different climates inside the casing of their 'kiosks',

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