30 April 2020

MPM invest in the Wellbeing of the Team

MPM invest in the Wellbeing of the Team

Keeping our Fitness both Physically and Mentally

Since the pandemic reached the UK there has been unprecedented disruption to daily life as we know it.

Whilst we’ve been able to keep a skeleton staff in operation to deliver products to key sectors it’s been far from the norm, however, it has helped to keep some semblance of routine in the working week.

Outside of work is a different story – many of our team spend time on their health and fitness and as the gyms are closed there’s been nowhere to focus energy and clear the mind.

A key member of our team – Jonny, as I am sure many of you will know - is a keen weight lifter and his innovation into finding new ways to continue his weightlifting was brilliant to watch, although it wasn’t necessarily practical, or in line with our Health and Safety policies!

So we decided to give him a helping hand with his training regime and MPM have invested in a mini gym.

Not just for Jonny of course, it is somewhere that individual team members can go and safely use equipment allowing them to keep fit in mind and body and will be something the whole team can use when we are back in full operation. At a time when we’ve all had to alter and change our routines, we felt it was important to support the wellbeing of our staff who are continually giving their best at work.

There are many mental health benefits of exercise and in these times of uncertainty when worry and fatigue could potentially weigh heavy on our minds, we’re pleased to be able to invest further into the wellbeing of our team.