30 April 2019

Launching the New, Improved RTM Department

Launching the New, Improved RTM Department

MPM are pleased to offer a full-service portfolio from drawings and prototype concepts to final designing, production and commissioning, now including a much improved RTM department.

We are always investing in our business and this first quarter we have invested specifically in our RTM machinery to improve and re-launch our RTM department. The RTM process enables efficiency, speed, quality and consistency of all products we produce. The process is fast and clean and can be repeated accurately each and every time.  

Already we are on with a new contract that is likely to show the quality and efficiency of this process at its best.

Our Technical Director – Alan Godden and Production Team members, Nick (Robbo) and Brandon, have been tirelessly installing and testing the new RTM machinery to produce the best quality products for our customers. They have collectively been making new moulds, putting them through their paces and carrying out rigorous quality control checks, so they can iron out any issues that arise before full volume production starts.

We would also like to thank Composite Integration for providing us with the excellent equipment to run the department and Neil Scott plus Tricel Composites for all their technical support.


“We are very proud of the work that the team have put in, to ensure that the department is the best that it can be. They have worked tirelessly with commitment, and we are excited to show the improved quality products to our clients during the rest of this year and beyond.”

Alan Godden


We will be reviewing all products, once the department is fully functional and when the new contract is running smoothly to see what else we could convert to the RTM process.

If you would like to have a factory tour and see how we have improved our facilities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.