07 February 2020

Inspiring the next generation of manufacturers

Inspiring the next generation of manufacturers

Investing Time in Younger Generations

MPM believes it’s important that we invest time in younger generations, actively promoting working towards building strong relationships with many schools and colleges across West Yorkshire.

As part of the Leeds Manufacturing Alliance and a working partner of the Leeds Manufacturing Festival (LMF), we support a range of events across the year promoting manufacturing to young people, preparing them to start their journey post school. Attending various careers fairs across the region, members of our skilled team offer support, careers advice, interviewing techniques, and networking skills alongside an insight of working in manufacturing.

We hope to inspire young people to think about a career in manufacturing and highlight the various options available to them, including accessing apprenticeships throughout the manufacturing sector. We also offer factory visits to schools and colleges for a real insight into how a manufacturing works, getting a real sense of how a factory works and the teamwork and atmosphere you can expect.

Strengthening our future team

Working with companies, such as Ahead Partnership, we believe, like them, that we can strengthen our future team of manufacturers and tackle the skills deficit by providing experience of work and developing employability skills.

Leeds is the 3rd largest city in the UK by local authority area for manufacturing, followed by Bradford. As an industry, we feel taking the time to work with local schools and colleges, as well as those organisations, such as Ahead Partnership, that we can support, advise and inspire young people into manufacturing – a booming industry which is on their doorstep!

Even with all the talks of BREXIT, manufacturing isn’t slowing down, in fact, it’s never been better and that trend is set to continue.

So, we attend a careers event at a school, academy or college, as we believe we can add value and make a difference by inspiring young people to not only think about manufacturing but try manufacturing and be a part of an exciting and diverse industry.