25 October 2021

How we prioritise Health & Safety at MPM

How we prioritise Health & Safety at MPM

It's in our culture

Health and safety is a culture that needs to constantly evolve. It’s about habits and behaviour changes, education and training. Not just once either, but continuous learning, adapting and changing practices. Its important everyone is onboard and understands what’s required of them for their role and within the business; both legally and morally.

Safe working practices should be adhered to at all times. When the team may be understaffed, tired or working to tight deadlines, standards of health and safety may come under pressure and corners can often be cut to save time. This is where a culture of understanding why things are in place and the benefits of them. Giving team members the confidence to address other team members when they are not following procedures or participating in unsafe practices, is key to creating a health and safety culture everyone is a part of.

For example, safety glasses are an essential PPE item on the shop floor for everyone, even visitors. If you’re on the shop floor, you must wear glasses. The culture promotes everyone being safe so if any person doesn’t have their glasses on, the team has a responsibility to call that person out and make sure they put them on. No exceptions, and it is great to know that even if a director forgets to put their glasses on before entering onto the shop floor, a team member will be quick to make them aware, and get them to follow the H&S procedure, like everyone else. This is the culture we encourage.

We are continually improving health and safety throughout the business and a recent addition to our monthly audit has been an observation audit of team members health and safety practices within their sections. The audit report offers insights to both safe working practices that can, and should be praised, and it highlights any unsafe practices offering immediate clarification and actions required to make them safe by following best practice. The feedback is insightful for the team and can empower the team by appreciating what they already do well; and offering useful advice and new processes to help reduce and eliminate accidents. The observation audit is a great tool to track continued improvement on the shop floor and a positive move in health and safety standards.

The outcome can be instant for the positive changes but overall, it is a long process of changing behaviours and habits, leading to a reduction in accidents and raised awareness of self and others. From what is learnt, training can be provided and adapted to ensure safe working practices are followed and understood. Toolbox Talks will be key in enabling to help facilitate the learning to staff in bitesize amounts as and when needed.