20 July 2021

Forward planning ensures fibreglass shortage impact will be minimal

Forward planning ensures fibreglass shortage impact will be minimal

Worldwide raw material shortages continue to affect the composites industry

Following worldwide shortages of resin & the relevant raw materials towards the end of 2020 and into the beginning part of this year, which has now plateaued, the Composites industry is now facing a shortage of fibreglass.

The supply of fibreglass is quickly declining as the supply chain struggles to cope with the rising & at times, unpredictable demand caused by the Covid-19 recovery.

How will MPM manage the fibreglass shortage?

With enough stock to last for the foreseeable future, our team are committed to both our sustainability pledges and our values. We pride ourselves on reducing waste, and 'living our values', and through our 'Innovate' value we endeavour to 'Do more, with less'.

Our team at MPM are continuing to monitor this ever-evolving situation, with extensive plans in place to ensure that there is minimal disruption to our customers when it comes to continued production and supply.

As always, we are ensuring continuity of service, quality and delivery for existing clients and are extremely busy, so planning resources and materials accordingly to meet those demands.

We'd advise all our current customers to get forecasts and orders in, to allow MPM to plan and avoid any disappointment or delays for customers.