30 June 2020

Finding Inspiration from Nature

Finding Inspiration from Nature

MPM are constantly looking for ways to keep improving their premises. Now that the practical items such as the car parking and despatch area are sorted, we have turned our attention to the outside in order to provide a peaceful break out area for the team. In line with planning, when we developed the outside, we kept the perimeter of trees and it is this area that we have now developed.

Getting Back to Nature

We are so focused on our numbers and quality of product and service; it is good sometimes to take a breather and refresh our minds. Getting back to nature and finding inspiration in the calm and tranquil environment of a garden is often a great way to still the mind.

Syd Wilson was an advocate of the environment and in a way this area is inspired by him and helps us remember Syd and how he focused on sustainability and ensuring we live and breathe everything in its pure sense.”
Ben Wilson

Wildflower Turf 

The area is an 80% mix of grass seeds and wildflowers, specifically put together for the soil type in this area. The resulting growth helps in a number of ways to increase biodiversity, mitigate flooding, creating a habitat that encourages bees and wildlife translocation.

The turf was purchased and sown by a local company Green Tech Ltd, an award winning landscaping provider. The passion, drive and commitment to their cause and business values runs through the whole company at Green Tech and fits nicely alongside the values that are followed here at MPM.