27 July 2020

Introduction of Shifts to MPM

Introduction of Shifts to MPM

As we move into the necessity for a more controlled way of working to safeguard our team – we have discussed and agreed a new shift pattern which is currently being trialled.

As individuals we have all been thrown into a new mind set of working from home versus working on site. Clearly as a manufacturer we cannot offer working from home – we need to produce and despatch as a team and work together effectively to process orders and deliveries.

Work Life Balance

However, we do understand that our team have recently been enjoying a new level of flexibility and work life balance. So we are now building on this and implementing a 4 day week, Monday to Thursday. Team members will work slightly longer days, but will enjoy a 3 day weekend.
The shifts are 6am – 4pm, 8am to 6pm and 10am to 8pm, so there is something to suit each individual’s lifestyle choice. This also will ensure that we can continue to socially distance with less people on site at any one time and more staggered breaks and lunchtimes.
The office team and senior leadership team will continue to work 5 day weeks.

“I am delighted that the team are on board with this new way of working. The extra time to spend with friends and family at the weekend can only be a good thing, it will give them the ability to make more of their time away from work and further achieve some personal goals. In addition, the quieter Fridays will be a great time for the leadership team to focus ‘on the business’ and will, I am sure, drive even more improvements to MPM.”
Ben Wilson