25 September 2020

5 New Apprentices Join MPM

5 New Apprentices Join MPM

As a team we are always on the look out for new talent and a mix of experience to join us.

Whilst we have some very experienced and knowledgeable team members, we love the opportunity to grow our team by introducing apprentices into the mix. They can provide a fresh perspective on what we do day in and day out – often driving us to think closer about what and how we do things.

Lean Manufacturing Operatives

This year despite Covid we are extremely busy and are delighted to be able to invest in 5 more young people to take an apprenticeship with us, here at MPM
They will be working as “Lean Manufacturing Operatives” and will complete an NVQ Level 2 in this role.
We have two apprentices in production, two in finishing and one in the RTM department. Over the next year or so, they will work in their relevant departments to help them develop new skills and to become a valued full time member of the team. They will have mentors who will help them and make sure that all their questions are answered and that they adhere to all the health and safety systems and processes.

As a manufacturer that is a founder member of the LMF, we are always keen to introduce young people into manufacturing and show them just how rewarding a career can be, creating and building products.

" Building our future team through supporting young people at the start of their careers is exciting and rewarding, we hope they enjoy their time here."
Ben Wilson - Business Leader

Photo: Kieran Parratt