We are always looking at and thinking about sustainability and how we can. These are some of the things we have done recently:

  • Thermally insulated shutter doors
  • Cycle to work scheme – with at least five people cycling – and they are all the ones that live the furthest away!
  • Carshare – before Covid and now following government guidelines
  • Electric scooters – six members of the team come to work on these
  • Looking into solar panels
  • LED lights throughout the factory and offices
  • Local recruitment


We make every effort possible to reduce and recycle all waste. All metals, plastics and paper within the business are disposed of separately and are sent for recycling.

Chemicals and cleaning agents used within our production facility that are able to be recycled are done so through our partnerships.

We are proud to make all products we produce onsite, using the best of British manufacturing techniques and a skilled team. Where possible, we optimise deliveries both incoming and outgoing ensuring complete orders are despatched to our customers. We can therefore not only reduce our carbon footprint but help customers reduce theirs.

Investing in the future

Fibreglass is one of the more sustainable composites being manufactured today. Its production requires less energy than other comparable composites which means fewer fossil fuels and lower carbon emissions. It is also a highly durable material which is built to last meaning a longer life cycle and less waste heading to landfills.

Resins now available with over 1,000 recycled plastic bottles per 1000kg of resin produced. There has been a reduction in styrene content in resins and a shift towards RTM (Resin Transfer Machine), which further reduces the impact of styrene on the environment.